Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad ! uPad ? yPad ?

did u pad ? I did not. Why is everyone going so ga-ga on iPad !? y Pad ?

Yea of course it is a new gadget, but why such huge hype ? Is it because of Apple's rep or Steve Jobs' presentation skills during the iPad launch. It hasn't even got the most important feature multi-tasking, yea you heard me right "multi-tasking" the one feature which is so essential these days for us in any device, the skill which is after all a part of our lifestyle, though there's no such thing as multi-tasking really xD as you can be on only one task at an instant. :P

May be Apple would like to market the multi-tasking iPad or iPhones in the upcoming months - years, as it is a business for them, whenever a new device (upgrade or new) is launched.

and no one really knows what are the real uses of iPad except that 'some' people think its 'cool', 'we can read ebooks' blah blah... which we can do in many other devices which have lot more features.

Check this iPad in comparison with other tablets image which tells iPad isn't the first such device

by the way I read the other day (other year) that the parts used to make the so called 'smartest' phone iPhone are highly toxic. I wonder how toxic iPad is !

If Apple is so technically advanced in creating the latest devices, it wouldn't fear competitors' entry and sue HTC indirectly sending signals to Google - the God . (I believe in Google as GoD)

No wonder jonathan (the "Sun" guy) reminded the statement "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal" which was used by Steve Jobs 14 years back in this documentary in his most recent blog post in his blog:

For people who don't know much about iPad or never heard of it yet:

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